That was a great evening!

Posted on October 24th, 2015

Yes, the combination of two very different poets at our poetrywivenhoe event on 22 October proved to make the evening really exciting and stimulating.
Antony Johae treated us to a selection of thoughtful poems from his new collection Poems of the East (launching next week in Colchester), while Rik the Most had the whole audience in thrall to his quick-fire, sure-footed (sure-tongued) and heartfelt performance poetry: and what a performance it was. At the finish, the audience was on its feet in a standing ovation, which I think was a first for powiv …
And we had an characteristically high quality Open Mic section – the poetrywivenhoe Hat had been left behind, but “Out of the Hat” compere Archie Duncan made a strong showing as the Man with the Bag.


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