Posted on April 13th, 2016


Our anthology editor Tim Cunningham made his selection of 30 poems from a total of 72 poems submitted anonymously for our new publication on birds. He remarks that it is a nicely varied selection with some great stuff. ‘I really feel this anthology is an absolute delight and hope it will be very successful.’ In his introduction to the anthology he comments on some individual poems.

The anthology incorporates illustrations by local wildlife artist Richard Allen; Charlotte Bernays and Janie Grote, local Wivenhoe artists, and Sheena Clover and Karen Dennison, artists and poets, both of whom have poems in the anthology.

In producing this anthology we sought to celebrate the work of local poets, those who regularly attend our monthly Poetrywivenhoe live event and who take part in our very successful ‘Out of the Hat’ open mic sessions.

Mosaic, the local Poetry Society Stanza group, which meets in Colchester monthly and hosts lively poetry critiquing sessions plus themed presentations and workshops, is our Associate in this latest publishing initiative and Mosaic members will be also be found within the pages of this anthology.

Congratulations to all the poets who have generously contributed their work to this venture, and grateful thanks to the artists. Any profits from the anthology will go to Poetrywivenhoe and Mosaic. ies, so keep on writing!!

Pam Job


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