Posted on February 12th, 2017

Updated on 16 October 2017

COMING NEXT ON THURSDAY 26 OCTOBER: this will be a really entertaining evening: we welcome to Poetrywivenhoe the amazing and erudite Dr Jack Underwood, aided and abetted by our own David Winfield … PLUS you will have a chance to purchase your tickets for Martin Newell and the Hosepipe Band (14 December) from Jeannie on the door.

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Poetrywivenhoe: current CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Thur 26 Oct Jack Underwood + David Winfield

Sat 18 Nov Emily Dickinson Workshop

Thur 23 Nov Ian Griffiths + Carole Webster

Tues 28 Nov A Quiet Passion (with Moving Image)

Thur 14 Dec Martin Newell & Hosepipe Band (ticketed event)


Thur 22 Feb Eliza Kentridge + TBA

Thur 8 Mar ?? Robbie and Ella (International Women’s Day)

Thur 22 Mar Penny Shuttle & John Greening

Sat 07 April Workshop with Myra Schneider

Thur 26 April Rebecca Watts

Thur 24 May Chrys Salt


Have a look at our Reviews page for SOME LONDON GRIP REVIEWS


Congratulations to our Poetrywivenhoe colleagues who have each had a Poem for Europe published in The New European: Peter Kennedy in the January 20-26 number, Alex Toms in June 23-29, and Tim Cunningham in August 10-16. What a splendid trio!


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