Our next Poetrywivenhoe poetry workshop will be led by the highly accomplished photographer and poet Derek Adams, on the intriguing subject of Using Cinematic Techniques to Improve your Poetry – in this practical writing workshop we will look at the similarities between poetry and cinema, study the techniques used by film-makers and use writing exercises based on them to write new poems.

At: The Nottage Maritime Institute, Wivenhoe Quay
On: Saturday 13 October, 10.00am-1.00pm

Fee:  £20.00
Places for the workshop will be in great demand, I’m sure, so please phone 07508 990209 to book your place. We hope to have a new email address shortly, but meantime I shall respond to your phone call, and will give you details of how to pay.

With best wishes

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Poetrywivenhoe has run a number of successful poetry workshops as part of encouraging poetry writing in the community.
These workshops offer a chance for poets to meet and hone their skills with an experienced tutor and poet on hand to offer practical advice and encouragement.

Our first WIVENHOE POETRY WORKSHOP, was conducted by Kate Foley at the Royal British Legion in June 2013. Poems from the workshop became the Poetrywivenhoe pamphlet “The Naming of Parts…” (from the poem by Henry Reed).

The Poetry Workshop in February 2014 was mentored by Rebecca Goss and was followed a month later by a critiquing session facilitated by Pam Job from which was crafted the Powiv pamphlet “Hands”.

Poetrywivenhoe presented the third in its series of Poetry Workshops in November 2014, mentored by Judy Gahagan.

In March 2016, Poetrywivenhoe presented a successful Roger Caldwell workshop, ‘HOW A POEM IS MADE‘ at The Nottage Institute.

Our workshop, COUNTRYSIDE AND THE IMAGINATION at The Nottage Maritime Institute on 12 November 2016, was led by Mike Harwood. Poems produced by participants were read at the showing of Akenfield on 8 February 2017 at The Nottage Institute.

Our NOVEMBER 2017 WORKSHOP Corsets and Corridors – a creative exploration of the poetry of Emily Dickinson – was led by Alex Davis, and was followed by the film ‘A Quiet Passion’, at the William Loveless Hall on 28 November. Poetrywivenhoe’s contribution to the evening was a reading of poems from the workshop.

Our APRIL 2018 Workshop with Myra Schneider on THE POTENCY OF PLACE was another great success.

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