Our next upcoming event will be on Thursday 25 April, at the RBL. Marian de Vooght is a poetry translator and editor and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Essex. Her translation from the Dutch of the powerful poetry of Guus LuijtersSong of Stars (Sterrenlied) was a winner last year of an English PEN Award – a real accolade for Marian, who will be reading from this powerful book. Song of Stars is the story, told in poems, of a young Dutch girl, Sientje Abram, born in Amsterdam in 1931 and killed in Auschwitz in 1942. Guus Luijters first came across Sientjes name when he was writing a book about the 18,000 Dutch children murdered during the German Occupation. But he could find out nothing about her. Unlike Anne Frank, she left no written records, and all those who knew her were also killed. Song of Stars is a poetic dialogue between Sientje and Luijters in which Sientje recalls the street where she spent her childhood and the lost world of old Jewish Amsterdam. The book has been described as a compelling account of xenophobia, cultural amnesia and public memory. And Marian de Vooght has certainly done it justice in her translation, and in bringing it to the English-speaking world.


Alice Goss has a new ‘Without Walls’ event on Saturday 4 May to which you are all invited.
The walk starts at 10.00am at the Roman Circus, and should last 2 – 2.5 hours. It will end at St. James Church where refreshments will be served.

This event will be one of the Jane’s Walks informative walks through Colchester, and it will follow some of the places covered in the ‘Without Walls’ charity book.
Mike Harwood will be Alice’s co-host for this informative poetry walk. At each place visited, Alice will give a short history talk followed by a poetry reading from the book.
It sounds really interesting. Alice says “I very much hope that you will be able to join in this event and enjoy some poetry in an historical setting.”
So do come along. I’ll be there!

If turning up by car, the nearest car park is in Butt Road, then you walk along Le Cateau Road to the Roman Circus site.
The walk will consist of a mixture of history and poetry, finishing at St. James Church on East Hill where refreshments will be served.
The walk will take in: Roman Circus / WW2 Air Raid memorial / The Headgate / St. Mary’s at the Walls / Roman walls / Balkerne Gate / Jumbo / Colchester Town Hall / War Memorial / St. James Church.
The history talk will cover various subjects including Roman social history, polychromatic architecture, Siege of Colchester, church air raid insurance, stained glass windows and much more.

Alice says “I very much hope that you will be able to join in this event and enjoy some poetry in an historical setting.”


– all events are at the Royal British Legion, Wivenhoe Quay, 7.30 for 8.00pm

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Thur 25 April: Marian de Vooght

Thur 23 May: “BORDER CROSSING”: Suffolk Poetry Society

Thur 27 June: Peter Ualrig Kennedy and Antony Johae

Thur 25 July: “NEW DIRECTIONS”

( ………. no event in August)

Thur 26 Sept: “NEW DIRECTIONS”



Thur 12 Dec: TBA

*Please NOTE: the Oratorio event on Saturday 06 April at 7.30pm takes place at Snape Maltings: Ipswich Choral Society (ORATORIO incorporating Pam Job‘s poem) at Snape Maltings not at Poetrywivenhoe



28 February 2019:
We have been royally entertained by Grevel Lindop and Karen Dennison, together with a handful of excellent Out of the Hatters. Karen read from her new collection ‘The Paper House’ – sadly it was late arriving from the publishers and so she did not have any books to show. Quoting from her poem ‘Crow’ in the Poetrywivenhoe/Mosaic anthology ornith-ology she said “I’ve sacrificed words for wings” – to which the response must be “But Karen your words have wings.”
Grevel is not only an immensely accomplished poet but also a beautiful reader; I took a line from one of his poems to assure him that he had given us “a pizzicato of exploding stars” (now I’ve done that quote from memory so it may not be entirely accurate – but it’ll do!). It really has been a very good evening indeed.

……………. …………….. …………… ………….. ……….

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19 December 2018:
A Festive Message to all our supporters …

Poetrywivenhoe has experienced yet another successful year, packed with wonderful poetry. We have been entertained and uplifted by a succession of truly excellent guest readers.  We have heard a wide variety of really good poems in the Open Mic slots – I can confidently say that our Out of the Hatters have been consistently developing and becoming more skilled in the presentation of their poetry as time has progressed.  We have been involved in the production and in the launch of Alice Goss’ remarkable collection Without Walls in aid of the homeless.  We have run two interesting and stimulating workshops during 2018 and we shall be hoping for more to be held next year. 
So it simply remains for me, on behalf of Team Wivenhoe, to wish you:

 A very merry Christmas and a poetic New Year to you and yours!

       ::Peter Ualrig Kennedy, Poetrywivenhoe


08 December: our guest reader for Thursday 13 December Helen Burke has unfortunately broken her leg and is unable to come to Wivenhoe … our programme for that date will be instead a Great Big Bumper Out of the Hat evening – with special guest appearance: Martin Newell (see Home Page).