Our new collection of poems about birds. Anthology editor Tim Cunningham has selected 30 poems from the total of 72 poems submitted anonymously for this new publication.

Contents list:
1. An Absence of Birds Rosie Sandler
2. Archaeornithura meemannae Pam Job
3. Benjamin Britten walks out in Spring Pam Job
4. Birds of Britain – circa 1965 Bryan Thomas
5. Birds of La Manga Tom Fenton
6. The birds switch on the morning Eliza Kentridge
7. Chained Judith Wolton
8. A Chain of Amber Suns Anne Boileau
9. A Christmas Cuckoo Cameron Hawke-Smith
10. Clot Derek Adams
11. Crow Karen Dennison
12. Curlew: Migration Pat Bloom
13. Dawn Solo Michael Bartholomew Biggs
14. Duck Removed from Gresley
Tribute Statue at King’s Cross Mike Harwood
15. Elegy written on an Essex Estuary Elly Robinson
16. The Essence of Vultures Phil East
17. Falcon Simon Banks
18. The Garden of Intelligence Alex Toms
19. He kept calm and carried on Stewart Francis
20. The Nightjar and the Swift Candyce Lange
21. the peacocks will leave the houses Peter Ulric Kennedy
22. Pre-Flight Snack Denis Ahern
23. Puffin Wreck Sandy Goldbeck-Wood
24. Red List Antony Johae
25. Shelduck David Canning
26. Starling Roger Elkin
27. Sturnus vulgaris Kate Standley
28. Three Ways of Listening to a Blackbird Anthony Watts
29. Tip your hat and say, ‘Good Morning,
how is your lady wife today?’ Sheena Clover
30. The wren stitches through the dark
griefs of the ivy leaves Carole Webster

The anthology has illustrations by local wildlife artist Richard Allen; by Charlotte Bernays and Janie Grote, local Wivenhoe artists, and Sheena Clover and Karen Dennison, artists and poets, both of whom have poems in the anthology.

In producing this anthology we sought to celebrate the work of local poets, who regularly attend our monthly Poetrywivenhoe live event and who take part in our ‘Out of the Hat’ open mic sessions.
Mosaic, the local Poetry Society Stanza group, which meets in Colchester monthly and hosts lively poetry critiquing sessions plus themed presentations and workshops, is our associate in this latest publishing initiative and Mosaic members will be also be found within the pages of this anthology.

Congratulations to all the poets who have generously contributed their work to this venture, and grateful thanks to the artists. Any profits from the anthology will go to Poetrywivenhoe and Mosaic. Poetrywivenhoe has a good track record to date in producing high quality publications – we are sure this latest one will be a worthy contribution to our ‘stable’ and, be assured, there will be more opportunities, so keep on writing!!

Pam Job


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– all are available from the Wivenhoe Bookshop:
23 High Street, Wivenhoe, Essex CO7 9BE. Tel. 01206 824050
or email wiven.book@zetnet.co.uk

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Edited by Peter Kennedy and designed by John Wallett, with cover and endpaper by Barbara Peirson.

42 poems by a stellar cast of headlining poets at poetrywivenhoe – poets with national reputations who have donated their poems for this good cause (the Cancer Centre Campaign).

Published by Wivenbooks at £10.00 (all profit going to the Cancer Centre Campaign at Colchester Hospitals Charity.
Days begin


poetrywivenhoe 2011″

Edited by Joan Norlev Taylor, Pam Job, Peter Kennedy and Petra McQueen, with cover design by Catherine Dodds, featuring Helen Lee‘s powerful painting of Wivenhoe’s skyline.

Published by Wivenbooks at £7.99.


publisher: wivenbooks £7.99

Featuring poems by: Fleur Adcock, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Roger Caldwell, David Charleston, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Keith Currie, Ian Duhig, Antony Dunn, Mike Harwood, Tobias Hill, Angela Livingstone, Hilary Llewellyn-Williams, Katrina Naomi, Mario Petrucci, Clare Pollard, Katrina Porteous, Anne Ryland, Penelope Shuttle, Pauline Stainer, Philip Terry, Robert Vas Dias, Christine Webb, James Knox Whittet.

edited by Joan Norlev Taylor, Adrian May and Pam Job.
published by wivenbooks, 2011 ~ ISBN 978-0-9557313-8-9 ~ £7.99


“Ballads of Bohemian Essex” by Adrian May, published by wivenbooks £9.00, available from address above.


poetrywivenhoe 2008
publisher: wivenbooks £7.99
ISBN 978-0-9557313-2-7


src=”http://poetrywivenhoe.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/BlueshiftFront-215×300.jpg” alt=”BlueshiftFront” width=”120″ height=”180″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-2880″ />

Copies can be ordered here: https://kdennison.wordpress.com/blueshift/

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Bryan Thomas has a new collection out: Below the Shining (Double Decker Books 2015)

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The Second Light anthology Fanfare features Judith Wolton’s poem Gannet and Pam Job’s poem On the piercing silence of women.

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New pamphlet Blueshift: designed and edited by Wivenhoe poet and artist Karen Dennison, it showcases the work of 14 poets and artists in the form of a sequential chain of responses where poets respond to art and artists respond to poetry. The collection takes its name from Pam Job’s poem, Blueshift.


Pam Job has put together a first collection of poems in her pamphlet now the dancing is done.