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Have a look at the Competitions page for details of a competition this month to be judged by the wonderful Chrys Salt (it is Autumn Voices’ second annual poetry competition).

– today is Day 582 of the ANTI-COVID-19 NEW POEMS INITIATIVE.

Our poet of the week is Jenna Plewes … see ‘This is the poem’ page.

Current poems of the PROJECT are on the ‘This is the poem’ page while earlier ones may be read on the ‘Archived poems’ page – we now continue with a poem just once a week, so long as there are new poems to publish.  Your submissions are still welcome

Our monthly poetry events on Zoom will continue.  Next one on Thursday 28 October – see the Events page. 

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The third volume in our Lockdown series of poems is on the way : after ‘The Tales Told by Birds’ and ‘Caged Blossoms’ this forthcoming anthology will be ‘The Last Hotel’, to be published by Watermelon Press.  


WHAT WE DO:  we started Poetrywivenhoe back in 2007 and we used to have live poetry readings every month at the Royal British Legion in Wivenhoe.   Early in 2020, when the pandemic upended everyone’s lives,  we switched to Zoom, which is our current configuration.  We look forward to the time we can get back to our live readings and workshops – we keep you informed of developments on our EVENTS page.

NB email me (see CONTACTS page) if you’d like to be on our list for emailed Poetrywivenhoe updates. Peter Kennedy

This WEBSITE is open for business, so come back to us each day for the ANTI-COVID-19 NEW POEMS feature.



Take a look at the Books page …
you’ll find mention of Peter Ualrig Kennedy‘s debut collection Songs for a Daughter, and of Colin Pink‘s new collection Typicity.  
Poetrywivenhoe’s two recent collections The Tales Told by Birds and Caged Blossoms are available from the Wivenhoe Bookshop, direct sale or by mail order.   https://www.wivenhoebooks.com 

On the REVIEWS page you may find a link to Merryn Williams’ generous review of our own recent collection ‘The Tales Told by Birds’.  You’ll also see links on that page to other recent reviews of interesting poetry collections.

Also on the Comps and published page you can find reports of the various PUBLICATIONS and PRIZES achieved by supporters of Poetrywivenhoe. So please email (see Contact page) if you have news of your own prize or publication success – we depend on you for such information.

See Contact page.  ::Peter KENNEDY



(excuse the bits and bobs that follow below – they are merely outdated material ::PK)

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