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 next event:  will be on Zoom on Thursday 24 February at 7.30pm.  It is planned to be Launch No.2 of our new Poetrywivenhoe collection ‘The Last Hotel’, with selected readings from the second half of the book  The programme of readers, plus a few Open Mic, will soon be compiled.  If you’d like to be in the audience, email:

We are continuing with Zoom for our monthly poetry events, as we wait for our usual live venue to become available, but even as Covid restrictions are lifted, Omicron is a current and persisting threat.


Thursday 27 January at 7.30pm.  The launch of our new Poetrywivenhoe collection ‘The Last Hotel’ with selected readings from the first half of the book.

Thursday 16 December at 7.30pm on Zoom –  Sue Wallace-Shaddad from Suffolk Poetry Society was our guest, reading from her new collection ‘A City Waking Up’.  The Open Mic contributions were as excellent as always.

Thursday 25 November 7.30pm:  a great success with some excellent poetry:  we had selected readings of poems from the website, and a couple of really invigorating Open Mic spots.

Thursday 28 October 7.30pm: problem with the Zoom link at first, but eventually we got going and had selected readings from past postings on the website.  A lively evening.

Thursday 08 October 1.30pm:  to mark National Poetry Day we held a lunchtime Pop-up Poetry live event, ‘One Man and his Doggerel’ at the Wivenhoe Bookshop Shed.  Peter Ualrig Kennedy read a selection of his poems.

Thursday 23 September 7.30pm:  this event on Zoom featured selected readings from the ANTI-COVID-19 NEW POEMS INITIATIVE and several Open Mic contributions.  

On Thursday 22 July 2021 we held Launch Part 2 for ‘Caged Blossoms, with readings from the anthology (see our Books page), together with a short Open Mic section.  

We held Launch Part 1 for our most recent publication ‘Caged Blossoms’ on Thursday 24 June, with readings from many of the featured poets. 

The book launch for ‘Songs for a Daughter’, a Zoom event hosted by Dempsey & Windle on Tuesday 15 June, featured readings by Peter Ualrig Kennedy and also by guest poets Chrys Salt  and Martin Malone.  

Crossing Borders with Suffolk Poetry Society: Thursday 27 May 2021.  Each side of the border fielded nine readers, the theme being ‘Digging up the past’.

Inside the Wave: Thursday 27 February 2020:  Stephen Novy teased out the meanings of two Helen Dunmore poems during his Close Readings, and encouraged the audience to participate.

Poetry of the Holocaust: Thursday 23 January 2020: Thank you Marian de Vooght for the magisterial anthology Poetry of the Holocaust. We disproved Adorno’s dictum. A report of the event was published in Wivenhoe News (No.23 Spring 2020)

Come together: Thursday 28 November 2019:  An enjoyable success. Good to see some new faces. Top marks to everyone who stepped up to the mic. We shall do it again some time.

Cimitero ebraico: Thursday 24 October 2019:  the Close Reading of ‘Cimitero ebraico’ (“Jewish Cemetery’, in both its original Italian and its English translation, was sensitive and empathetic, while going a long way to revealing its metaphor and its underlying message.

Paradise saved: Thursday 26 September 2019: a Close Reading of ‘Paradise saved’, an intriguing sonnet by A D Hope. Lively discussion. At Out of the Hat it was nice to have two new voices – Cass and Ian – stepping up to the microphone with their poems.

Our Rik and Phil evening on 25 July 2019:  a small group near the bar were staring out of the rear door at a sudden and ferocious downpour of hail. The darkening sky above us had unzipped itself and let fall a cascade of icy white grapeshot. The din of the hailstones was tremendous; they were hitting the roofs and the streets all around, bouncing and hopping, and very quickly Anchor Hill had become a rushing torrent of water headed for the Quay. In the pouring hail, two young men were seen, one struggling to stay upright on a unicycle. Felliniesque.  We welcomed Rik the Most back to Poetrywivenhoe; Rik is a spoken word artist, a phenomenon; they and Phil Easteal were a really effective and exhilarating combination. The Out of the Hat presentations were stimulating and well-crafted; thanks to all you stalwarts – good to see Anna Mae back at the mic again.  Before the end of the evening, Rik took one line from each of the Open Mic readings and then swiftly combined them into a short verse on the theme of the sea. A cento, cleverly executed.  Now a heartfelt word of thanks to Jeannie (door) and Pat (bar) who have been so loyal and helpful all these years – and a thank you too for those stout colleagues (not stout obese but more like stout Cortez) who help with the tables and chairs. I am most appreciative.

Thur 27 June2019: Peter Ualrig Kennedy read from his (unpublished) collection ‘Dreams and Rainbows and Antony Johae who presented, with multiple readers (Nancy, Karen, and Peter), pieces from his new book After-Images: Homage to Éric Rohmer published by Salzburg Poetry.

Thursday 25 April 2019:  Marian de Vooght gave us an exceptional evening of readings from the powerful poem ‘Song of Stars (Sterrenlied)‘ by Guus Luijters. Her translation from the Dutch was a winner last year of an English PEN Award – a real accolade for Marian.

28 February 2019: We were entertained by Grevel Lindop – an accomplished poet and an excellent reader; he gave us “a pizzicato of exploding stars”.  Karen Dennison read from her new collection ‘The Paper House‘.  Quoting from her poem ‘Crow‘ in the Poetrywivenhoe/Mosaic anthology ornith-ology she said “I’ve sacrificed words for wings”. But her words have wings.

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