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Many of these books are available from the Wivenhoe Bookshop:
23 High Street, Wivenhoe, Essex CO7 9BE.   Tel. 01206 824050 and email


Our third collection of poems from the Anti-Covid-19 New Poems Initiative, The Last Hotel, edited by Peter Kennedy, is now published (January 2022) by Watermelon Press.  It is available from The Wivenhoe Bookshop by email or phone, and from


The new collection Ekphrasticon “cultural heritage explored in poetic detail” by Ekaterina Dukas is published by Europe Books (July 2021).


Our second collection of poems from the Anti-Covid-19 New Poems Initiative, Caged Blossoms edited by Peter Kennedy, is now published (June 2021) by Watermelon Press.  It is available from The Wivenhoe Bookshop by direct sale or online, and from


Songs for a Daughter, the debut collection of Peter Ualrig Kennedy, is published (May 2021) by Dempsey & Windle.  It is available from The Wivenhoe Bookshop by direct sale or online, and from  (see also the Reviews page and the Events page)  


Colin Pink‘s new collection Typicity is published (April 2021) by Dempsey & Windle.  For details see:  Colin Pink – D & W PUBLISHING – BOOKS, PAMPHLETS AND POEMS (


The Tales Told by Birds – Poems in Lockdown                                                               Editor: Peter Kennedy
Watermelon Press 2020: £8.00 

available from the Wivenhoe Bookshop.


Tim Cunningham‘s new collection Passports has just been published (Revival Press). It is brilliant throughout.


thirty-one small acts of love and resistance:
Steve Pottinger’s most recent collection –
this is available from Ignite Books, for £9.75 inc p&p:


Wild Persistence: by Katrina Naomi
published by Seren 2020.  £9.99


Skookum Jim and The Klondike Gold Rush: by Chrys Salt
or from (£10.00 p&p included.)


Roger Caldwell‘s new collection Smoking Opium in Moscow is published by Shoestring Press.


Poetry of the Holocaust
Edited and translated by Jean Boase-Beier and Marian de Vooght
…………………………Arc Publications 2019: £12.99
available from the Wivenhoe Bookshop


Philip Terry has edited The Penguin Book of Oulipo (Penguin Classics). Enthusiastically reviewed in The Guardian 21 December 2019


Wivenhoe indie publisher Dunlin Press have launched Port, their latest anthology of poetry and prose. (Dunlin Press: MW Bewick and Ella Johnston).


Ornith-ology: the poetry of birds
Our collection of poems about birds. Anthology editor Tim Cunningham selected 30 poems for this publication. Ornith-ology
The anthology has illustrations by local wildlife artist Richard Allen; by Charlotte Bernays and Janie Grote, local Wivenhoe artists, and Sheena Clover and Karen Dennison, artists and poets, both of whom have poems in the anthology.

We celebrate the work of local poets.  Mosaic, the Poetry Society Stanza group which meets in Colchester, is our associate in this latest publishing initiative.

Pam Job
Ornith-ology: the poetry of birds. Poetrywivenhoe in association with Mosaic Stanza 2016. £7.00



Edited by Peter Kennedy and designed by John Wallett, with cover and endpaper by Barbara Peirson.

42 poems by a stellar cast of headlining poets at Poetrywivenhoe – poets with national reputations who have donated their poems for this good cause (the Cancer Centre Campaign).

Published by Wivenbooks at £10.00 (all profit going to the Cancer Centre Campaign at Colchester Hospitals Charity)
Days begin


poetrywivenhoe 2011″

Edited by Joan Norlev Taylor, Pam Job, Peter Kennedy and Petra McQueen, with cover design by Catherine Dodds, featuring Helen Lee‘s powerful painting of Wivenhoe’s skyline.

Published by Wivenbooks at £7.99.


publisher: wivenbooks £7.99

Featuring poems by: Fleur Adcock, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Roger Caldwell, David Charleston, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Keith Currie, Ian Duhig, Antony Dunn, Mike Harwood, Tobias Hill, Angela Livingstone, Hilary Llewellyn-Williams, Katrina Naomi, Mario Petrucci, Clare Pollard, Katrina Porteous, Anne Ryland, Penelope Shuttle, Pauline Stainer, Philip Terry, Robert Vas Dias, Christine Webb, James Knox Whittet.

edited by Joan Norlev Taylor, Adrian May and Pam Job.
published by wivenbooks, 2011 ~ ISBN 978-0-9557313-8-9 ~ £7.99


“Ballads of Bohemian Essex” by Adrian May, published by wivenbooks £9.00, available from address above.


poetrywivenhoe 2008
publisher: wivenbooks £7.99
ISBN 978-0-9557313-2-7


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Copies can be ordered here:

.,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,. .,.

Bryan Thomas has a new collection out: Below the Shining (Double Decker Books 2015)


Pam Job‘s excellent poem On the train from Avignon to Marseille is published in the online London Grip New Poetry Summer 2021 number.
Peter Ualrig Kennedy‘s poem Twilight is published online in Issue 4 (May 2021) of littoral magazine; editor Mervyn Linford.
Jenna Plewes has three poems published online in Issue 4 (May 2021) of littoral magazine; editor Mervyn Linford.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy‘s poem I have heard the sad, dead voices is published in the Dempsey & Windle compilation What Next? 2020.

Kathryn de Leon is the Featured American Poet in the first instalment of The High Window’s Autumn 2020 issue. What an accolade!

Martin Figura‘s poem Land of opportunity is published in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of Aug 27-Sept 2, 2020

Pam Job’s poem Reading Lorca in Late Afternoon has been read online by Anthony Roberts of Colchester Arts Centre on 19 August, in Ant’s Daily Poetry Project.

Rosie Sandler’s poem 120 Bricks: highly commended in the Poetry Society’s inaugural Art to Poetry Award (2020) in partnership with Artlyst. This is a new ekphrastic poetry competition.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy‘s poem Spring in Lockdown Lane appears in the booklet ‘Made at Home’ Wide Open Sea Press May 2020 published in aid of Crisis/Covid-19 homelessness.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy‘s poem There is a code appears in the Dempsey & Windle and The 1000 Monkeys Newsletter No 45 (June 2020)

Brian Ford has recently had his collection of religious poetry ‘But It’s a Good Story, Isn’t It?’ produced as a PDF download by Wild Goose Publications.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy has a fourth poem ‘Not Just Europe’ published in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of March 19-March 25, 2020

Tim Cunningham has a new poem Lullaby published in the Spring 2020 number of London Grip

Tim Gardiner is in the European Top 100 Haiku poets for 5th year running

Antony Johae‘s Campervan-Haiku Calendar is in the current Winter 2019 number of the online publication The High Window. Read his poem on our Poems Archive page

Anita Jones Debska has a new blog ’Poetry For Everyone’ showcasing Polish poetry and culture at

Martin Bewick’s poem Outward, Bound is published in the December 2019 number of The Cormorant, an Irish broadsheet literary magazine

Martin Bewick’s poem Verb is published in the Winter 2019 number of The High Window

Tim Cunningham has a fifth poem published in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of Nov 14-Nov 20, 2019

Peter Ualrig Kennedy’s poem The blazing sun and what to do about it is published in the anthology Planet in Peril, Fly on the Wall Press 2019.

Karen Dennison’s lovely Wivenhoe poem Estuary’s edge has been pinned to the Places of Poetry map:

Peter Ualrig Kennedy’s haiku Slant light was one of many shown during the Venice Biennale as part of Caroline Wiseman’s ALIVE in the UNIVERSE project, filmed on screen on Words Day 17 May 2019.

Pam Job‘s poem Why you go? has appeared in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of May 2-May 8, 2019

M W Bewick’s poem The Hill Village appears in the anthology, ‘The Cottongrass Appreciation Society’, available from Maytree Press. See:

Pam Job’s powerful poem The Parcel, set to music, featured as part of a new oratorio in a concert by Ipswich Choral Society on Saturday 6 April 2019

M W Bewick has three poems about Cumbria in Pondweed, a first anthology from Greenteeth Press in York.

M W Bewick has a selection of four poems upcoming in The Blue Nib and another, Verb, in The High Window. A poem, Wild Swimming, is to be published by Under the Radar.

M W Bewick’s poem The Force of a Leaf published in Birkbeck’s annual Mechanics’ Institute Review.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy’s poem Being European has been published (his third) in The New European Feb 7-13 2019.

Tim Cunningham‘s collection ‘Feathers’ is published by Revival Press 2018. Watch out for a review in this website.

Pam Job is placed second in the prestigious Magma Poetry Competition 2017/2018 with her poem ‘The Raku Helmet’.

Antony Johae has two new poems in Morphrog 15 – go to to read them both.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy‘s poem A Fable of Christmas Past, Christmas Present is his second poem to feature in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of January 2018

Alex Toms‘ poem White Rose in February has appeared in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of June 23-June 29, 2017.

Elvis McGonagall‘s poem Carry On Up The Brexit has appeared in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of Jan 27-Feb 2, 2017

Peter Ualrig Kennedy‘s poem After the Fall has appeared in the ‘a poem for europe’ series in The New European of Jan 20-Jan 26, 2017

Antony Johae has two new poems in Morphrog 15 – go to to read them both.

Pam Job and Peter Ualrig Kennedy both have poems in the Autumn 2016 number of London Grip New Poetry

Bryan Thomas won First Prize with his poem State of the Union in the Friends of Lowestoft Library Creative Writing Competition 2016.

See morphrog 13 at which features among others Nancy Mattson, Antony Johae, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs and Peter Ualrig Kennedy.

Peter Ualrig Kennedy’s poem Art class is published in The Interpreter’s House 62. Peter also has a new poem online, Sunday morning, published in Ground. Find it at

Peter Ualrig Kennedy was represented in the Poem for Europe feature in The New European on January 20-26, 2016, with his poem After the Fall.